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Flex your Brain

by wude72 on January 17, 2009

Have you ever thought about this?

School as a gym.

Weird huh?

Instead of going to the gym in the morning to workout your muscle’s, you work out your brain. Think about that, little quiz’s every morning to get things going. You show up at work with all your mental capacity in full order. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?  Am I the only one to think that the world needs a place to work the brain?

This could really help us humans for our whole life, we could focus two hours a day at improving our brain power. Some people would be as smart as smart people. It would change how smart people are. I should write my congressmen about this.  Really, what would this be like?  People working their brains everyday in a way that would improve thinking.  My what a change it would make over what we have now.

The possibilities are out of our thinking at the moment. I mean, if we worked out our brains everyday as a society what would happen? I don’t think anybody right now could answer that, could you?

Look at how popular workout gyms for the body are, everybody is trying to be healthy and look good. What if we tried to be smarter?  Holy cow, what would this do to our world, would it change an entire way of thinking, would we become better people?  Who knows.

These brain gyms could provide schooling for the masses, save tax payers dollars, I don’t even know what a change they would make. What if this was real and people really did do this, we could be more informed as a society . Know more about what we do and why.

Colleges should offer these classes for people to make themselves better. Everyday we could improve our mental capacity.  Learn something new that would improve as human beings. How cool would that be?  Maybe they already do?

Someone would have to make it fashionable to make this a success, maybe Einstein could endorse a franchise around the world to sell this idea.  The people at any well known fitness gym would know how to market this. Colleges and gyms could collaborate on how to make this a success.

My thoughts on this are a good idea.  How would this be possible?  I think it would be easy if someone had the ability to make it happen.

Share your thoughts on this crazy view.

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  • sherry

    yes, that’s kind of crazy.

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