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A Cloudy Day

by wude72 on January 25, 2009

100_2840These days that are cloudy are boring. The rock is too wet to climb on, although I would like to go climbing. TV is boring, not much to watch. I have been playing on digg. There is some pretty cool stuff, also funny. That can only keep me entertained for so long.

So, I will write about a cloudy day.

The clouds, so unevenly colored, tops are white bottoms are dark almost black. They are scattered throughout the sky like an invading army about to attack. The weapon of choice, rain. This weapon is a godsend to we that are made of h2o, but why do I get so mad at the rain?  It is here to help, is it not? If only it could come in vapor form, would this change my opinion?  Maybe if we could work together with this army and schedule these attacks more to my liking. Could we use the internet to send emails saying when we want it to rain, when it would be best for us.

I think that people like myself do not see how cool the rain is. Look at a rainbow, this is something that still is amazing, even though they have been around forever. Waterfalls, they are so simple, water falling, that’s it, of course where the water is falling certainly is important. Another beauty that comes with the rain is lakes, some of these large puddles are simply breath taking.

Maybe I don’t hate the rain, but I wish that it would work with my schedule

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