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Is the Pen mightier than the Sword?

by wude72 on February 8, 2009

Well, that depends on the ability to read, without being able to read the pen is nothing more than something that makes marks. The sword is totally out dated, we have rockets now.

So I have come to the conclusion that the pen is also out dated. Computers are the new pen and the internet the new paper. Think about that.

With that being said all of us bloggers, news people and people that send info to others over the net, are using this mighty tool. Are we using it for good or evil, that is the question.

Look at Google, how mighty are they in the use of these tools. What good are they doing for society. They have maps and what not, they seem to help us look at the world from the outside looking in, which is pretty cool. What good does it do though?

MSN has their start page (this is where I get some of my news) that has all sorts of info on it. The thing about this is they control what news we get, therefore somewhat controlling what we think.

Twitter is a place that is the people writing things that they think are important or fun. These places of social media seem to be the new place to use this mighty tool for good or evil on a personal level.  Is this scary or is it good and how do you find out?

There are so many ways to use this mighty tool now days that it is indeed mighty. We can type something up and in a few minutes the world can read it. That is beyond the capabilities of the word mighty (we may need a new word). All I am saying is that we have access to a powerful tool everywhere and everyday. Use it wisely.

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