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by wude72 on February 16, 2009

traffic-around-the-world-57I have been reading a lot reports saying that global warming is happening faster than they thought.

This is bad news for those of you who didn’t know.  It means the ice is going to melt, the ocean’s will rise covering city’s on the coast’s, there’s a lot more to it than just that, but we won’t go into that now.

For surfer’s, scuba diver’s, boater’s and water people in general, this is a dream come true, not good for the planet or use human’s though.

So, I propose World no Driving Day. Just one day, probably a Saturday, that as many people on this planet that can, not drive.

I know this sound’s like a big endeavor but, we bloggers and social network people have a mighty tool, the internet.  If we all could figure a date, like six months (or so) from now and push it, let everybody we know, it could happen.

So, what do you think, possible?  Let me know if you would like to help make this reality.  My twitter user name is wude72.  leave comment on what you think would help.

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  • Sue

    Sounds like a really good idea – I try not top use my car too much anyway as we have a very good bus service here, but a recognised day would highlight the whole concept – well done!

  • wude72

    thank you, I am going to try to set a date in the next couple of days, stay tuned

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