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by wude72 on February 17, 2009

So it has been set 08/01/2009 is the day.


1 I know this is going to sound stupid but, I’m going to say it any way. DON’T DRIVE.

2 Plan your driving around this day

3 Ride your bike. Good exercise is a good thing

4 Ride your horse

I will have more tips and idea’s as time go’s by.  Any tips or thoughts that you might have please comment on here or twitter (wude72).

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  • lisleman

    no driving day – hmm good idea but almost impossible to do unless you stay home or live in a well connected city. Just thinking about not having cars is a good start because have a society here that’s very dependent on cars.

    Another good idea – did you take part in the
    Earth hour? next one is set for 28 March 2009
    earth hour

  • wude72

    My idea is just one day a year. I have no misconceptions about our society and how dependent they are on auto’s. hopefully people will not drive on world no driving day and let the earth breath easy for that day.

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