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The Idea of World No Driving Day

by wude72 on February 27, 2009

world no driving day is a day that nobody drives, or at least that is the idea.

I have got some negative feed back that people will not give up their cars.  Of course they won’t and neither will I.  All I am proposing is that one day a year we as the human race find a different way to get around.  Like walk, ride a bike (non motorized that is), ride a horse, or maybe even run.

This really wouldn’t be that hard to do with a little planning. I will leave that up to you.

The point of this world wide event is to not put any co2 in the atmosphere on August 1, 2009.  Let the earth breath a little easier for one day, just to be nice.

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  • Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

    Sweet idea. Even a little less driving will help. I’m liking the companies that are starting a 4 day work week… a natural way to reduce commute times and the number of cars on the road any given day : ).

  • wude72

    thanks. never thought about the four day work week that way. sounds even better now

  • Sherry Rose

    I don’t have a problem with your idea and I applaud you in your efforts, but how do you propose to get evangelical xtians and republicans on board with this? they’re so sure there’s no such thing as global warming/climate change and so against anything that even hints at being earth-related. there would be a backlash of the angry little men (like John McCain) who wouldn’t join in because of their lack of understanding.
    But if it helps, I won’t drive on august 1 AND 2!

  • Nina Kuriloff

    It’s a terrific idea!

  • wude72

    I don’t know the answers but, I will keep trying to get the world involved.

  • Chris H

    “The point of this world wide event is to not put any co2 in the atmosphere on August 1, 2009.”

    I guess we’ll have to stop breathing for the day too.

  • wude72

    LOL, That may be a little extreme

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