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It has been said “the Moon is made of Cheese”

by wude72 on March 4, 2009

I was looking at the moon the other night and thought, it’s not made of cheese.  I have thought that before too.  This telling everybody that the moon is made of cheese might not be a good idea. The reason I say this is, maybe it isn’t made of cheese.  The moon could be made of something other than a dairy product.  How can a feller find out If this lunar object is made of cheese and if it is, what kind is it?

Well, obviously not cheddar, unless you count the harvest moon, then maybe.  The moon, if made of cheese, is made of a silvery, glowing type of cheese, at least that’s what I see when I look at the moon.  Now, What kind of cheese looks like that and who makes it? A fellow tweeter (@stockpilesrus) Has pointed out Swiss cheese.  Let’s put some thought into this tasty little delight.  This particular cheese is white, not silvery and glowing like the moon. Although, it does have the craters like that of the moon. Could outer space make this cheese look translucent to the inhabitants of earth?  Maybe, the lack of oxygen makes it look like a beautiful shimmering disc hanging in the sky or is the ozone playing tricks with the light.  That’s probably not right, look at the pictures from the space shuttle, still looks the same.

What if, the fist batch was made with milk from a glowing cow, that only lived in Switzerland.  The Swiss cheese maker then took it to Zeus, to please him.  The Greek deity was so pleased, that he made a giant ball with the silvery substance.  The great Zeus then had his son Hercules throw it into the sky, so that everyone could see and enjoy this visually pleasing object in the sky. Maybe not.

Another theory could be that the Swiss had nothing to do with it.  The people of Atlantis developed this cheese long before.  In an effort to control the ocean that they lived in. A giant orb was constructed, they choose a soft, cheesy substance so that it would absorb the meteors and still be round.  Later on, a Swiss lady found the recipe.  Of course, some of the ingredients had to be improvised and that is why Swiss cheese is white instead of silvery.

These are the kind of thoughts that bounce around my head when I don’t have much to do.  The (maybe) bad part is I try to find the answer to these irrelevant questions.

If you would like to add your own theory, be my guest

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  • blogaboutnothin

    Interesting story about cheese! I’ve never thought about how Swiss cheese was named till now.

  • wude72

    crazy isn’t it.

  • Bhing

    When I read the title of the post, it caught my interest.. I really didn’t think that it has been that the moon is made of cheese.. lol

    Good points up there! :)

  • Blogsnd

    I think those cows are neutral and they live in peace with no stress. So this wold make them to produce good milk for the cheese.

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