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WATER by Tara

by wude72 on May 14, 2009







Another great learning tool from Tara.

Water, a picture book made to promote discussion and discovery in the young minds of our kids.  The pictures of water in many different uses make the little ones think about what is going on in the photo.

I am very proud to say that my little one (2 1/2 years old) was able to pick up on this stuff pretty easy.  One reason he is able to do this, is we started with Holes, another book by Tara of the same nature.

I have noticed that since using Tara’s books, He is able to figure things out a lot faster and easier and notices things and points them out.  We still look through these books and he points out what the items are and he really seems to enjoy the discussions that come with explaining the pictures.

I highly recommend any  of the books by Tara

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  • http://AworkinProgress,hencethecomment. brucebski

    Not I look, goof ball… A Look

    A look inside the book please.

  • wude72

    thats a good idea, I will look into making that happen. Thanks

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