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The Daddy Longlegs Blues by Mike Ornstein

by wude72 on August 20, 2009

Daddy Longlegs jkt copy Doing my best impression of BB King, I read this book to the little one and he thought it was great (sometimes I can entertain a 2 1/2 year old).  The Daddy Longlegs Blues is a good book for entertaining.  The illustrations by Lisa Kopelke are great, they are big and not to complex.  I like the colors she has used, Earthy and not flashy.

The story is about a spider that is a wander and seems to generally have a good time.  At the back of the book it gives a pretty good summery about Daddy longleg Spiders (I actually learned something from a children’s book, not saying I know everything or anything like that).

All and All I would say The Daddy Longlegs Blues is a good book.  Entertaining, with a bit of knowledge.

The Daddy Longlegs Blues is available at and Barnes and Noble

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