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La Sportiva Solution

by wude72 on November 6, 2009


I am starting my second season with the solutions and I have to say they are the top rock shoes that I have put on my feet.

First thing I would like to tell you is I broke the strap that tightens the fit of the shoe.  I called sportiva and asked what we could do to remedy this problem (I tried climbing without the ability to tighten the shoe, sucked) they said send the shoes in and they would check them out.  Less than two weeks after sending the shoes in I had a brand new pair delivered to my door (very cool).

Ok, now for the good stuff.

These shoes have the oddest sole of any of the shoes I have worn, very downturned and molded to fit your toes.  This equals less pain (my favorite part).  I have spent a lot of money  trying to find shoes that have performance and are pain free (not really possible).  These shoes after they were broke in are about as pain free as any shoe I have worn.

Performance: Edging, although I’m not sure these shoes are intended for this particular aspect of climbing, is fantastic.

Steep climbing, this is what the solutions are made for and it shows.  I prefer to climb upside down, that’s the reason I got these shoes.  The way the toe is down turned is like having talons for feet (handy when climbing steep stuff).  I have let some friends try these shoes(they are much better climbers than I am), they are now owners of the solutions.  They have thought the same as me top of the line shoe.

Longevity: Having put a fair amount of climbing time in with the first pair of shoes, the only thing that seemed to wear at all was the strap, other than that they still were in perfect condition.

Fit: I got size 8 1/2 (I wear size 10 in street shoes), at first it was pretty cramped, but as they broke in they became much more comfortable.

The solutions are about the most expensive shoe on the market and well worth the money (if you dig climbing).  The edging and hooking ability that these shoes have is the best of any shoe I have used.

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