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Good Morning

by wude72 on November 16, 2009

Just woke up and thought I would write something. I was checking out leapfish (pretty cool) and found out about this guy on twitter that post stuff his dad says. He got a book deal and a tv show [odd]. Seems that maybe this social media thing can be pretty lucrative, I wonder how much you get paid for a deal like that.

Another thing I was thinking about, this recession, I think I’m done with it. I mean really hasn’t it gone on long enough. Can’t the government just give out another 65 bagillion dollars [estimate] and put an end to all this nonsense. think about it this way if they give out money, people will start spending it because they will know they will just get more, use the banks to hand out money. I wonder if that would work?

Just a sec, need to make more tea.

ok, what was I what was I rambling about, right, the recession. They [the government] should end it soon!

On the good side of things climbing season has begun [SWEET] the temps are finally low enough that it is quit pleasurable to be outdoors. Fall is a good time of the year, other than the changing of the time (here comes another rant).

Why do we do this, Arizona doesn’t and they seem to get along just fine (this is another thing the government should fix) I just don’t see the point in this time change thing.

well thats all for today, maybe I will do this again tomorrow

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