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A Joke featuring Tiger Woods

by wude72 on December 13, 2009

My Grandfather told me this joke 4 or 5 years ago and I thought that you guys may enjoy it.

A man and a woman were to be married the next day and the women told the man that she had something that she had to tell him before they were married.

The man said ” please tell me”

The woman ” before I met you I was dating Tiger Woods”

Man ” WoW, I didn’t know you knew Tiger”

Woman ” does that bother you”

Man ” No, the past is the past”

So, they were married the next day and flew to the islands for their Honeymoon.

Upon entering the room, they hurried to the bed to consummate their marriage.

when they were done the husband started to get dressed and the wife asked “where are you going?”

Husband “since we haven’t had much to eat I thought I would go get us some food”

Wife ” Tiger wouldn’t stop and just once”

So, they did it again.

When they were finished, the husband again started to get dressed. The wife asked where he was going.

Husband ” going to get some food and something to drink, aren’t you hungry?”

Wife “Tiger wouldn’t stop and only twice”

So they did it for a third time. Again the husband got up to leave when they were through and the wife asked “where are you going?”

Husband ” I’m going to call Tiger to see what par is on this hole!”

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