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by wude72 on July 15, 2010

I say we try it again…World No Driving day that is.  Last year I don’t know if it worked or not?  But with BP Flooding our Oceans with oil and whatever other bad things are going on with the oil producers.  I think that we should set aside one day to let the earth breath a little easier.

First things first, need to decide on a day.  The day would have be a day that would not cause to many troubles (we still depend on our cars, unfortunately)  I’m thinking a Saturday in September or October.

Second things Second, I wrote a post  last year about what to do on no driving day: What to do on World No Driving Day,  Just to give ideas about what to do on this day of no driving.

Another Post: The Idea of World No Driving Day tells about…well, the idea behind it.

Now for what I think is the cool part.  Spread the word via social media.  You know Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc…  Social Media is becoming a force for both good and evil, I of course would like to use it for the good of planet Earth.  With over 500,000,000 people using Facebook and 120,000,000 people using twitter shouldn’t be hard to get the word out, right?   Oh yea, lets not forget about blogs, who knows how many blogs there are or how many people read said blogs…

So, I would like that we all band together and pick a day…to not drive

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  • wude72

    What day would you not drive?

  • Abi

    Consider it shared! Great idea. Im in. How do we go about picking a day?

  • wude72

    Just need to decide on a date that would be convenient for most of the world ;-) I think a Sunday in September or October would be good, I would like to hear some peoples opinions about what date would be best, before I make a decision…

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